Remembering super cw

In 2016, I began photographing Christa Wittmier, the beloved nightlife blogger, columnist, marketing director, and DJ also known as Super CW. Despite being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2015, she was a positive force of light determined to help others battle the disease. Her catchphrase was “Get excited. Itʻs exciting!” and it was something that she truly lived by. In the face of her diagnosis, she continued being the same warm, larger than life personality that no one could forget. Instead of allowing it to bring her down, she created The Aloha Cancer Project with her late friend, Daniel Gray, filmed a documentary entitled The Adventures of Super CW to inspire other cancer survivors, traveled to New Zealand, spoke on TEDx, opened for the music group Above & Beyond, and continued to write and organize events. Her story of hope resonated with me as someone whose life was filled with an incredible amount of death and loss at the time. Even though I was in college in California, I made it a point to come home every semester break to take photos of her. Christa passed away in Minnesota with her sister, Lisa Wittmier, by her side on January 3, 2019. Iʻll never forget her warmth, kindness, and how she was able to light up every room she walked into. We were never able to officially finish this story, but I hope to honor her memory with these existing photos. I hope that after hearing her story, people are able to live life as fully as she did.

For those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer or have loved ones struggling with it, please read Christaʻs list of resources: